Premium One-of-a-Kind Exotic Cannabis Strains Are the Specialty of Backpack Boyz

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When you want the highest quality and most exotic cannabis strains, who do you turn to? Do you want to join the increasing number of people who are picking up the exclusive and extraordinary products available from Backpack Boyz? Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Backpack boyz cannabis lifestyle company has been seeing a meteoric rise in popularity recently.

Cultivating one-of-a-kind premium cannabis strains is their specialty and Oh boy! they really know how to do their job. Not only do you receive strains that go beyond the simple clones of popular strains you find at most dispensaries, but you also get them in surreal and trippy packaging which has a feel of luxury all over it. Designed by local Bay Area artists, the packaging has become something of a collector’s item.

Ever since it was founded in 2017, Backpack Boyz has been delivering big on eye-catching – comfortable clothing and mind-blowing cannabis. Influencers and athletes alike have been buzzing about the exceptional quality of the strains it delivers big on. These include delicious strains like Peanut Butter, Gelato, Lemon Cherry Gushers, Blue Gotti, Strawberry Gelato, Sweet Potato Pie, and a wide array of others.  

Thanks to growing and cultivating their own unique strains, Backpack Boyz has cornered the market on some highly unusual, yet enjoyable, strains. Cannabis flower that tastes like delicious dessert is the specialty of this brand.

There is a major clothing side to it, which it hypes up and promotes as being part of the cannabis lifestyle. Made in the urban wear style, the clothing line this brand offers is both comfortable luxurious and stylish thus it has led to people racing to get their hands on Backpack Boyz merch before it runs out. If you love your flower, then you will find the clothing line by this brand to be right up your alley and on the front line of passion. The team behind this brand is wholly dedicated to promoting the cannabis lifestyle, and only produces high-quality products that it can proudly stand by.

A recent strain that Backpack Boyz has introduced is called Tomyz. This exceptionally dense strain delivers a highly potent head high that comes with an aftertaste of spicy terpenes that demonstrate just how pure this full-spectrum flower really is. If you are new to recreational cannabis, you may want to go easy on this one due to how powerful of a high it is. Seasoned cannabis connoisseurs will find it to be incredibly enjoyable. 

Building up the Backpack Boyz brand meant developing its own in-house genetics which includes culture and lifestyle. This would help it stand out from the competition, which is very high these days given the legal nature of cannabis in California and other parts of the USA. Their investment into top-shelf toxic cannabis strains panned out very well. Today, people scour dispensaries to get a hold of some of its finest cannabis, wrapped in surreal artistic packaging.

If you want to get your hands on some official branded Backpack Boyz apparel or the mindblowing and desirable cannabis strains, you can head over to their website

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