I bought this strain and it got me very high, let’s do this again. I can’t wait to have a taste of your quality and luxury:-)

Mark Jance

This weed is amazing, it is EVERYTHING! My first pop was a game changer for me from the smell to the taste to the feel of it, I cant wait for the future with backpack boyz. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Trans Badu

Excellent work on your customer service. Very good brand, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for my next delivery Very excited.


I am not sure how to make a wholesale purchase. I got my first order delivered but I want to buy in bulk, please help


I haven’t been into this for long but I can testify it’s a good stress reliever. I was almost plunging myself into depression but you saved me. Backpack boyz to the moon>>>

Janice Satis

My package arrived 15 hours late. Y’all ain’t getting a 5-star from me. I promise to give you a 5-star if my next package arrives on time:-(… I am ordering right away.

Ben Johnson

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!! you’ve got my back for real. It’s a 5-star all the way.

Becky stone

You deserve the worst, I didn’t get what I expected. I ordered a medium size backpack boyz T-shirt but it couldn’t even fit. How do you determine your sizes? I guess I’ll just stay on the weed side of things:-(

Ada Alletia

you made me travel a thousand miles on my couch, I took 70 positions in 70 minutes!! I am sure as hell doing this again, I just hope I don’t get addicted.


I received my order on time but your delivery guy behaved dum, he was so scared to get in. Send a sexier guy next time.

Jeda fan

I smoked with my girlfriend and her friends. This was not the first time I was ordering from you guys and you have never failed me. You just my relationship stronger, lol!!

Perter Mane

I still can’t explain how I felt, but I know I felt good. I am a novice who is taking it slow but I think I just hit the bull’s eye with you guys. Still not sure yet, I will stick around. Thanks.

James Carter